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Welcome to This website deals mainly with science fiction, fantasy, horror and role playing games both on and off the web.

What do you want to do? You can:

Discuss Science Fiction:

Our Unified Scifi Forums (forums feed ) are a good place for a conversation about science fiction, fantasy, horror and role playing games, both pen and paper and electronic. You are welcome to read and join in the conversations, we do not bite and are friendly to new members and beginners. You can even read or play a RPG game if you want.

Find Something to Read, Watch or Play:

looking for a good SF genre book or ebook to read; or a movie or TV show to watch; or a set of RPG rules to play but do not quite know what you want? The iLike Recommendation board contains mini-reviews of books, ebooks, games and DVD’s posted only by senior members of our forums. It is a great community resource for finding the rare and unusual. Judith Pike recommends which features information on anti-aging medicine. This is a new area of medicine that science fiction fans will appreciate – it’s seeking the fountain of youth. Currently using hormone replacement therapy combined with supplements, this field is taking off as baby boomers realize they can’t stop the clock. It’s a real life sci fi story with real world consequences. Thanks, Judith!

Want to Write? Want to Read?

We have an Interactive Fiction section that contains stories you can add a paragraph too or you are welcome to start your own story

Got a Question? We have Answers! has a Frequently Asked Question area that covers all sorts of interesting topics from: How to Paint RPG Miniatures to How to Make You Own SF Website.

Do you play Fantasy RPG’s?

At our friend Arislyn’s Tower you can find Dungeons and Dragons rules additions, character classes, artifacts, weapons, spells and more. Most of these are adaptable to any fantasy RRG. Gee, it is a pretty big place, I hope you brought something to haul all your loot out with!

Seek and Ye Shall Find:

One of our goals here is to help you find relevant information about science fiction, fantasy, RPG and horror on the web, so wee have a number of very special search engines and directories available for you.


We try to make our store unique with categories listing our picks for top science fiction movies ever made, and books by authors that frequent our forums here at We are also big fans of reading ebooks and you can save 15% on new ebooks. There are also free classified ads you can check out.

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