Getting Web Traffic 3

You want to get listed in as many directories that are appropriate to your topic as you can.

Grackelfish has a good list of science fiction and fantasy directories and roleplaying directories.

3.) Banner and Button Exchanges:

Free banner exchanges are a cooperative way to exchange advertising on each banner exchange member’s site. You will need to create a graphical banner in the size specified by the exchange, join the exchange and place a unique banner code on one or more pages of your site. Banner impressions are expressed in a ratio like: 3:2. What this means is for every 3 banners shown on your site two of your banners will be shown on other member’s sites. This means that you need some traffic to gain traffic from a banner exchange. Because of this, it helps if you put a banner code on a high traffic page so you earn more impressions than to bury the banner code on an obscure page. Also banner exchanges work best for high traffic sites and the quality of the design of your banner can make a big difference.

Another trick to banner exchanges is to find one as tightly targeted as you can to your own subject matter. (ie. if you have a horror site then join a horror banner exchange, or if you have a RPG site then join a RPG banner exchange.)

Over the years, I have kept track of the banner and button exchanges that have lasted through good times and bad and have given good reliable service. Below are some that I think are worth trying.

Fantasy Herald Button Exchange – has an equal rotation which makes it perfect for a new or low traffic website. (Fantasy Only)

Many Jars Button and Dropbox – you get listed in a button rotation and a dropbox at the same time. Again, very good for new or low traffic sites. (SF and F)

MyStarship Banner Exchange – this is a full sized banner exchange with a traditional ratio. (SF and F)

RPGExchange – a button exchange for RPG sites. Been around for a long time. (RPG Only)

4.) Good Content:

This may be the secret ingredient. Good original content makes others want to link to your website. It is a long term strategy, but good sites attract links. By adding articles, stories, news, your own art or useful facts or data it makes you will eventually attract referrals from outside links by having good content.

We have gone over the basics and we hope that we have helped. We know that there are a lot more additional steps that can be taken as well but keep all of these steps in mind while planning your approach towards marketing and you will be sure to find the success you have been searching for.

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