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What rings to join? Apply to those rings that fit the content of your website: for example – if you are a fantasy author and have posted some of your own stories on your site then you can join some: fantasy rings, author’s and writers rings, online fiction rings – etc.

Ring Hosts

Webring – this is probably the easiest for beginners. The ring Navbar is as JavaScript code which means you only have to place it once for all Webring rings. It makes applying for new rings very easy. Webring has a good directory structure for finding Webrings to join. Webring is the largest of the ring hosts. Note: there is a growing trend to try to charge sites for being listed in a webring. I do not think any webring is worth paying to be in unless you just want to donate money to the ring owner. Otherwise do not pay – find another ring or ring host.

RingSurf – Ringsurf uses a less sophisticated HTML ring code. It means that you have to put up a new unique ring code for each ring you join. Placing that ringcode is still fairly easy but a little more complicated than Webring. Still you should join a couple of appropriate rings on Ringsurf if you can so that you get some traffic via both hosting systems.

Plus here is a list of good individual webrings.

Tip: When joining a webring, be sure to put your keywords into the description of your website. People also search rings for sites that look interesting so be sure to incorporate the keywords that describe your website into the description. So an author or artist would mention their author or artist name, and the kind of art or writing they do eg. fantasy art, monster art, fantasy writer, etc.

2.) Niche (Topical) Directories

Niche directories are important hubs for traffic that is interested in the same subject as your website. Most niche directories offer free listings.

It is important to take your time with adding your URL to a directory. Be sure to look around for guidelines, find the most appropriate category and check out the other listings in that category.

Spend some time writing the description for your site. It is better not to include promotional copy in the description. Describe your site, not you or your business. Include the main features of your site and fit in the appropriate keywords within the sentence(s) of that description. If you are a author or artist be sure to include your published name, and what kind of art or writing you do. Remember, people also search directories in addition to browsing, so you want your site to come up on a search for your keywords.

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