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Codex Directory: A general web directory with many categories. Visitors may browse through the categories to find websites of interest or use the directory search feature to find specific websites quickly. The Codex Directory accepts free submission listings, in addition to featured listings from those webmasters that prefer the maximum visibility possible.

Spy Fiction Guide – the only web directory devoted to espionage fiction in books, television and film.

eBooks on Web Index – A blog and a directory listing ebooks and POD books. Add you book today. – (you are here) right now a catchall mainly for hosting active SF/F/H & RPG forums and more.

Google-Penalty – here’s one that can help you get your site free from rank suppression. There’s a unique tool here: Disavow your links & clear your penalty that can help you use Google’s new disavow tool to manage problem links to your site.

I have been running various niche directories since 1999, as well as sharing them with web visitors via this site..

— Brad

There are so many categories to put books in. Imagine being a librarian, constantly having to keep all these categories on the top of their mind. I enjoy letting these categories go and travel the web for entertainment.

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