The Network

This is a network of niche, genre portals and directories, providing search traffic and advertising to a topic specific market. – human edited science fiction, fantasy and RPG directory.

Ring Codex – Lord of the Rings, Middle Earth and Tolkien web directory.

Spy Fiction Guide – the only web directory devoted to espionage fiction in books, television and film.

eBooks on Web Index – A blog and a directory listing ebooks and POD books. Add you book today. – (you are here) right now a catchall mainly for hosting active SF/F/H & RPG forums and more.

Google-Penalty – here’s one that can help you get your site free from rank suppression. There’s a unique tool here: Disavow your links & clear your penalty that can help you use Google’s new disavow tool to manage problem links to your site.

I have been running various niche directories since 1999.

– Brad

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